For more than 35 years we have put mortgage lenders and investors first


The Prieston Group Advantage


From capital to risk, legal to insurance The Prieston Group provides consultancy and resources to Mortgage Banking clients throughout the nation and has over 35 years of expertise in all areas of mortgage banking. 


  • Mortgage Repurchase and Indemnification Defense & Workout
    AMLG has managed thousands of cases where loans have been subject to buy-back demands. We understand the nuances of mortgage repurchases and deploy various strategies to efficiently and effectively dispute, rebut and settle the demands placed on our clients.
  • Litigation
    AMLG advises and represents clients in all areas of mortgage related commercial litigation. Our dedicated team provides cost-effective litigation services on a variety of matters ranging from repurchase defense to contract disputes to fraud and more.
  • Regulatory Compliance & Examinations
    The AMLG team is experienced with the complex range of mortgage banking related laws and regulations. We constantly monitor for new developments and enforcement actions so that we may best serve and advise our clients.

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